Protecting your family's health, home and environment is something North Point Pest Solutions takes
seriously. Ants, rodents, spiders, and other pests don't belong in your home - they not only pose
serious health risks to family members including pets, but can also cause serious and costly damage
to the structure of your home.

The Service Program is guaranteed to protect your home against common household pests. Our
home pest control includes pre-scheduled interior and exterior services over a 12 month period. If
additional visits are needed, we will come out at no charge to you - it's part of our guarantee to
keep your home pest free!

Our Home Pest Control Service Program includes:

• Pre-scheduled interior and exterior services
• Visual interior and exterior inspection of the accessible areas
• Written report of our findings and recommended actions
• Suggestions and recommendations for eliminating future pest problems in and around your home
• Interior and exterior preventative services for the home

Not sure if you need an annual home pest control service program? Just give us a call or send us
an email requesting a free inspection at no obligation to you. We will provide you with an honest
assessment of any current or potential pest activity in an around your home, along with a
recommended service program and estimate. If we don't find any pests or activity, we'll let you know
that too! North Point Pest Solutions offers pest control services and are exterminators for homes in
Marin County.


Restaurants pose a unique series of challenges, but North Point will work with you to customize a
pest management program that will enable you to maintain your quality standards while minimizing
the impact on your business. North Point Service Technicians are individually state certified, highly
trained, courteous professionals who understand the relationship between pest management and
restaurant safety. They will work with you to develop a service program designed to eradicate
your pest problems in the shortest possible time with the least inconvenience to you and your
customers. Each visit to your site is accompanied by a log of any pest activity and the specific steps
taken during that visit. North Point Pest Solutions restaurant programs are designed to go above
and beyond both your requirements and all regulatory standards.

Property Management

Pests, including ants and bed bugs can pose serious health problems to your tenants. North Point
Technicians are trained to correctly identify the invading species and develop a targeted service
program that effectively manages the problem. North Point Technicians understand the pest's biology
and environment and knows what it takes to control them. Our courteous Technicians will make regular
visits, logging any pest occurrences and control measures in a special log book for each property.

You will have peace of mind knowing your business is protected from pests with a service program
backed by knowledgeable trained professionals.

Any Other Type Of Industrial Or Commercial Facility

If you don't fit into any of the other categories, rest easy - North Point Pest Solutions can still help.
However big or small your business may be we can tailor a pest control program to your needs.
Our fully trained pest control technicians will be on hand with regular site visits to log any pest
occurrences and take all the necessary steps to eradicate them. Working with you, we locate any
problem areas there may be and help you to keep pests out before they can do any damage or
cause a nuisance. All this means your pest control problems are dealt with in the shortest time
possible while meeting or surpassing all relevant standards and regulations.

NorthPoint Pest Solutions of Marin County
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